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This thesis focuses on the refurbishment of Louisiana State University calibration chamber. The testing equipments were checked and connected together to complete the calibration chamber system. The data acquisition system was upgraded to National Instruments (NI) SCXI system. Therefore, a compatible computer program language in LabVIEW was developed. LabVIEW is a programming language developed by NI that reads the data from the instruments, displays the data in graphical form, calculates the desired parameters, commands the transducer to apply the required pressure to the specimen, and saves the data at the desired frequency. The Anisotropic Modified Cam Clay Model (AMCCM) following non-associative rule was chosen as the soil model that is going to be used for simulation of piezocone penetration. One-Dimensional consolidation, Ko-loading and unloading, Ko-consolidated undrained compression and extension experiments were conducted to estimate the model parameters. The model was verified by comparing experimental results with the model predictions. The model showed to be in good agreement with the experimental results. The specimens for these tests were a mixture of 50% fine sand and 50% kaolin and were prepared using the slurry consolidation technique.



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