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The IT-MAIS is a caregiver-report tool used to assess a child’s functional auditory development pre- and post-implantation (Zimmerman-Phillips, et al., 2001) and as a measure of functional auditory behaviors in studies exploring cochlear implant (CI) candidacy (Barker, Kenworthy, & Walker, 2011; Franz 2002; Osberger, Zimmerman-Phillips, & Koch, 2002). However it lacks psychometric analysis of its overall reliability and validity, which are essential in determining the strength of the IT-MAIS’ conclusions in determining the direction of a child’s clinical intervention outcomes. Barker, Donovan, Schubert, and Walker (2013) showed in their longitudinal study that caregivers did not predictably respond to items from the IT-MAIS. These unpredictable caregiver responses to the tool’s items lower the report’s caregiver reliability. We predicted that videos for each IT-MAIS item could accurately depict the assessment’s targeted auditory behaviors if both rater groups found the same videos to be most representative of each IT-MAIS item. In Study 1 we generated 6 video scenarios and had 10 pediatric audiologists rate the video scenarios for each IT-MAIS item using a 7-point Likert scale. Results from Study 1 showed that pediatric audiologists found two scenarios for each IT-MAIS item that differed only by their point of view. Then the results from Study 1 and were filmed the 2 top-rated video scenarios for each IT-MAIS item. In Study 2, 5 different pediatric audiologists determined whether each video accurately depicted its corresponding IT-MAIS item. In Study 3, 20 caregivers rated how representative each video was of its corresponding IT-MAIS item using a 7-point Likert scale. Results from Studies 2 and 3 showed that the reporting audiologists and caregivers found the same 10 videos to be most representative. Those final videos were found to accurately depict the targeted behavior in each IT-MAIS item, and are the first step in improving the IT-MAIS’ intra-rater reliability. Our future directions suggested the need for these final 10 videos to be used in the IT-MAIS’ clinical administration to determine if they allow more predictable caregiver responses. These videos can be found to improve the IT-MAIS’ intra-rater reliability if caregiver responses become more predictable.



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