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I have always been interested in stories, and parts of every story I have heard has shaped who I am as an adult. If I’m not telling others an anecdote of a moment turned into an adventure, I am inventing adventures to tell myself. Three characters developed from the mixture of the stories I heard from true life, books and television, and what I made up for myself. Originally I simply intended these characters of a little girl, a rabbit, and a few raccoons to interact with one another and show moments of individual stories—like illustrations in an anthology that involves the same characters. But as I worked with them and dug deeper I saw that these three beings represent much more. Carl Jung would declare them to be the Divine Child, the Trickster, and the Shadow (little girl, rabbit, and raccoons respectively). The rabbit, Twitch, is the need and desire to do what one wishes. A warrior and an adventurer, she is impulsive and will act upon any idea that comes to mind. Most of the time her ideas are not the best, but she always manages to extract herself from trouble in the end. The raccoons are nameless, as both the internal conscious and the mores of society that has decided what is right and what is wrong. They are always at hand to chide and scold or provide doubt to any situation. Twitch hates the raccoons for she loathes being reprimanded by them, but the raccoons never stop. It is in their nature to always say what they think is best. The little girl, Imme, is the deciding factor; the one that blends the two sides into a cohesive whole. She rules over both the rabbit and the raccoons, although she clearly favors Twitch more. But, conversely, there are always more raccoons . . .



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