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The effect of a gradient magnetic field on a diffusion micro flame i.e. C3H8/air flame has been systematically studied to comprehend their interaction. A non-uniform magnetic field was produced in the air gap of an electromagnet and the C3H8/air flame corresponding to various flow velocities was subjected to the non-uniform field. The influence of the operating conditions on the fundamental characteristics of the diffusion flame, such as the flame structure, temperature distribution and the morphology of the soot produced in these flames have been thoroughly investigated. The flame structure and its luminosity were found to be influenced and the flame length decreased with the application of the vertically decreasing gradient magnetic field. Also, the temperatures within the flame increased for these conditions. Similarly, the effect on the soot morphology was studied by subjecting a sooting flame to a non-uniform field. The effect of the field was analyzed for the soot produced both within the flame and at the flame tip. The TEM images suggest that the agglomeration of the soot particles decreased on the application of the decreasing magnetic field around the flame. The application of the gradient magnetic field indicates a way to induce greater entrainment of oxidizer towards the flame and also provide a means to control combustion behavior. The results of this study are discussed and suggestions for future work are provided.



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