Only a Resounding Gong




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In 1988, Ámparo’s husband joins the throngs of men immigrating from the sleepy, banana-farming town of San Pedro, Ecuador to New Haven, Connecticut, leaving Ámparo behind to care for his mother and their three children. Bored by responsibility and sensing a new freedom in her husband’s absence, Ámparo leaves the children in the care of her mother-in-law and embarks on a series of adventures, from a romantic tryst deep in the Amazon to a radical feminist movement on the outskirts of the capital. Meanwhile, her children Alma, Javi, and Victor grow up amidst the shifting economic and environmental landscape of San Pedro, where the rain is no longer dependable, the shorelines are depleted of their fish, and making a living is dependent on the whims of global markets. Alma pursues a passion for art while Javi clings to a steadfast determination to remain loyal to the land and Victor follows his forbidden desires into a world of exploitation and crime. When Ámparo at last returns home, the family must face the legacy of abandonment that has marked their lives.



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