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In "you, prey," a poetry manuscript, the unnamed first person narrator performs the role of “creator.” Interested in “what if’s,” she performs scientific “social experiments” to satisfy her own curiosity. Haunted by the characters of Missy, a kind of phantom sister, and Mother, the narrator manages to maintain her powerful authority until the end of the manuscript threatens this self-created control with the notion of “cleansings,” menstruation. Within the manuscript, the “nurturing” and “motherly” role often attributed to women is subverted through the depiction of manipulative and often violent outcomes of “conception,” performed by the lyric “I.” The merciful, loving notion of God is challenged through the presentation of a narrator who plays with her creations like a child plays with toys, who considers herself a predator. Distinctions between reader, character, and artist grow unclear through the use of personal pronouns to suggest initiation as either predator or prey into an unsafe space.



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