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This thesis focuses on the role of the Basque language (Euskera or Euskara) in the national identity of the Basque people. I looked at the history of Basque education, from the beginnings of the ikastola movement of the early 20th century to the current bilingual education system. I examined the use of Euskara in education from the primary school level to the university level in the Basque Autonomous Community. This research involved looking at the BAC government’s detailed studies on students in the various linguistic models of education in the BAC. Other areas I discuss in this paper are the use of Euskera in media, government, commerce, and social settings. The majority of my research focused on the role of language in the attitudes of Basque musicians; I conducted this research via the social networking site I collected data from Basque rock bands’ MySpace profiles and asked members of those bands to respond to questionnaires concerning their language and education. Based on the research done by the BAC government regarding Basque education and my own research on Basque musicians, I concluded that for Basque nationalism to continue, Basque-language education must continue.



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