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If one were to inquire from Americans the names of five founding fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson will more often than not be mentioned amongst them. Apart from being among the founders of the republic, these two men presided over the republic as well. It is accurate to say both founding fathers were prolific writers who left behind a wealth of literature their progeny could look to when it came to the intricacies of politics and the nature of man. The aim of this thesis is to unveil the metamorphosis of a political order via the views and opinions of these two American icons. It is almost two decades since the end of the Cold War, yet many states still grapple with the concept of statecraft and nation-building. From the newly created states in the Balkans to the half-century independent states in Sub-Saharan Africa, statecraft and societal advancement have proven problematic. A core factor in the societal and developmental crises within these states arises from the lack of a proper theoretical understanding of the concept of the state and its limits within the human sphere. While it would be foolhardy for aspiring states to adopt the American mode of politics lock, stock, and barrel, one would have to admit the American political experiment has proven successful. For one, it is the world’s oldest republic as well as the most prosperous nation known in the history of mankind. While not all states will achieve world historic wealth and prosperity; life, liberty, and the realization of a prudent political order should be the bare minimum every state should aspire to. In this guise, Adams and Jefferson serve as timeless guides towards the realization of a prudent political order.



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