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In this work, we are computing the matching between 2D manifolds and 3D manifolds with temporal constraints, that is we are computing the matching among a time sequence of 2D/3D manifolds. It is solved by mapping all the manifolds to a common domain, then build their matching by composing the forward mapping and the inverse mapping. At first, we solve the matching problem between 2D manifolds with temporal constraints by using mesh-based registration method. We propose a surface parameterization method to compute the mapping between the 2D manifold and the common 2D planar domain. We can compute the matching among the time sequence of deforming geometry data through this common domain. Compared with previous work, our method is independent of the quality of mesh elements and more efficient for the time sequence data. Then we develop a global intensity-based registration method to solve the matching problem between 3D manifolds with temporal constraints. Our method is based on a 4D(3D+T) free-from B-spline deformation model which has both spatial and temporal smoothness. Compared with previous 4D image registration techniques, our method avoids some local minimum. Thus it can be solved faster and achieve better accuracy of landmark point predication. We demonstrate the efficiency of these works on the real applications. The first one is applied to the dynamic face registering and texture mapping. The second one is applied to lung tumor motion tracking in the medical image analysis. In our future work, we are developing more efficient mesh-based 4D registration method. It can be applied to tumor motion estimation and tracking, which can be used to calculate the read dose delivered to the lung and surrounding tissues. Thus this can support the online treatment of lung cancer radiotherapy.



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