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The purpose of this study was to obtain preliminary data on several factors that may influence the vibratory patterns of the vocal folds in addition to the hormonal fluctuations present during the menstrual cycle. These factors included patient reports of severity of reflux symptoms, severity of premenstrual symptoms, and severity of negative vocal hygiene behaviors prior to each evaluation. Ten subjects who did not experience complaints of their voice participated in the study. Data from four subjects who were not on birth control and four on birth control were analyzed for the first cycle, which included self-perception, acoustic analysis, and stroboscopic images. Four subjects not on birth control and two on birth control participated in a second cycle. Results demonstrated increased perturbations during the premenstrual phase followed by the ovulation phase for subjects who were not taking birth control. These subjects reported elevated reflux symptom and vocal hygiene values as well. The results of this preliminary study did not show a definite trend towards a certain phase the menstruation cycle on the vocal fold vibratory characteristics. However, a study with a larger subject number would aid in determining whether the trends that were seen in this study will reach a significant level and whether acid reflux and vocal hygiene issues could influence vocal quality as much as the hormonal fluctuations occurring during the different phases of the menstruation cycle.



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