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A Proposal for a SPARK Park Site Selection Process in East Baton Rouge Parish is the topic of this study to assist Parish schools and local governmental agencies in creating community parks. The SPARK Park program uses underutilized municipal properties to create community-use parks in lower-income urban areas. SPARK Parks originated in Houston, Texas. The Houston SPARK Park process was adapted for developing a site selection process for East Baton Rouge Parish. East Baton Rouge Parish dedicated their first SPARK Park in 2000. The park was built in an attempt to reduce the Parish’s open space deficit. Many more parks are needed for any significant reduction of the deficit. A prioritization process of need for park development is required since most Parish communities qualify as SPARK Park candidates. The proposed site selection process will expedite the park acquisition process and objectively locate those sites of greatest need for park development in the Parish. An easy-to-use checklist and a site selection prioritization map are the two tools created for the proposed site selection process. They were designed to involve a school and the surrounding community early in the park development process, save vital resources of local agencies so several parks can be built simultaneously, and be a model for similar park initiatives, other agencies, and school grant writing.



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