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The purpose of this study was to outline the historical development of supervision of instruction in the white public schools of East Baton Rouge Parish in terms of its origin, statutory provisions, its growth and present scope; to determine the objectives of the supervisory program during this period; to ascertain the organizational structure and policies and practices employed in accomplishing these objectives through the supervision of instruction. The data compiled and used in this study were secured from the following-sources:

1. Personal interviews with the present superintendent, and a former superintendent of the East Baton Rouge Parish Schools, and with present and former members of the supervisory staff who have, been directly concerned, since its inception, with the supervision of instruction in the white public schools of East Baton Rouge Parish

2. Visitation in the white public schools of East Baton Rouge Parish

3. Records in the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Office

4. Angie A, Williams, A Year of Supervision in the Rural and Suburban Schools of East Baton Rouge Parish (1928-29). Unpublished master’s thesis, Louisiana State University, June, 1930

5. Annual statistical reports of the Louisiana State Department of Education (1917-51)

The supervisory program from 1917 to 1934 in East Baton Rouge Parish was interested in building and preserving a school system which was formal in nature, comparatively rigid in its operation, college preparatory in function, and autocratic in character.

Between 1934 and 1943 supervisors and other educational personnel in the parish began a critical examination of the instructional program. This inquiry has resulted in a supervisory program during the past fifteen years which has expressed increased interest in children as persons. It has brought into the planning of the educational program all personnel who are concerned with its projection, and has attempted to stimulate and coordinate the efforts of all who are interested in enriching educational opportunities in the schools of East Baton Rouge Parish.