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This thesis is a study of the cultural patterns of Negroes, roughly of the middle and upper classes, of French background in New Orleans, Louisiana. Both primary and secondary materials were utilized in the study. The principal sources of data used were interviews, informal conversations, and secondary materials.

The scope of the thesis is as follows. First, the historical background of the Negroes of New Orleans is presented. Second, a comparative analysis of the cultural patterns of three generations is presented. Finally, trends and prospects are set up for this segment of the population.

Among the general findings were the following: that the way of life has been primarily influenced by religious background and by French cultural traits; that the stratification is not a rigid structure; that the educational status is among the highest in the state for Negroes; that there is an increase in each generation in the awareness and importance of political participation; that marriage habits and sexual conduct revolve around the teachings of the Catholic Church; that racial antagonism decreases with each generation; that a decidedly large number of French cultural traits have been retained but the importance attached to these traits is gradually decreasing, and will, probably continue to do so.