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This thesis is an attempt to systematically capture a large body of ephemeral data produced in the course of a controversy within the American Library Association regarding censorship and other human rights violations in the Israeli Occupied Territories. The focus of the study is the resolution passed by the ALA Council at its annual conference in 1992, then revoked at the next annual conference. The questions guiding this study are: What happened during the controversy? Why? The major result of this study is a select bibliography, arranged chronologically, beginning in 1945, consisting of over 1200 entries: letters, memos, broadsides, minutes to meetings, resolutions, policies; and published items from newsletters, magazines, journals, and books. It builds the foundation for an analysis of the most divisive issue in recent ALA history, placing the story into a broader historical framework. The study includes a brief narrative; descriptions of the data sources; discussion of three possible literatures into which the data may fit; and a guide to the bibliography. The data gathered are mixed with the existing literature on Zionism.