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The Louisiana State University is now in possession of valuable records of the defunct "Consolidated Association of the Planters of Louisiana”: a bank which was established over a century ago. Although this Institution played an important role in the economic development of Louisiana, relatively little is known about it today. Taking the available records as a source of information, the present study describes and analyzes the organization and the operation of this now type of banking. Particular emphasis is placed upon the fact that the institution was financed through the sale of bonds guaranteed by the State; and for that reason most of the study is centered about the negotiations with Baring Brothers and Company of London. The manuscripts of the Consolidated Association reveal much added information on a particular phase of Louisiana’s attempts to entice outside capital far the betterment of the State and its people. Therefore, the important manuscripts referring to the first ten years of the Bank’s history have been presented in full, either in the body of the thesis or in the appendix, and in the translated form. No attempt was made to completely analyze and compile all the information available on this bank, but the thesis is an introduction which will permit a further study in the affairs of the Consolidated Association and of the effects it had on the economic and banking development of Louisiana.