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The primary purpose of this study was to determine the educational value of 4-H activities as perceived by Louisiana 4-H agents. Data were obtained by a researcher designed survey completed by 91 4-H agents during the 1994 Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service’s annual conference. The data showed the 4-H camp was the highest rated educational activity and it was the only activity perceived as having a very high educational value. Twenty activities were rated as high in educational value, 25 as moderate in educational value, and four items as low in educational value. Agents were also asked to estimate the number of hours they worked on each activity. Based on the findings in this study, it was concluded that most 4-H activities have educational value for the program participant. In addition, the researcher also concluded that there is room for improvement, elimination, and addition of 4-H activities. Activities recommended for elimination were honey bee essay, beef posters, dairy posters, and seed rice essay. Activities recommended for addition were career development, area short course, wildwood wanderings, agriculture in the classroom, and health and fitness activities. The researcher recommends further research on the number of clientele being reached by a program before a program be eliminated. A moderate rated activity reaching a greater number of clientele as compared to a moderate rated activity reaching a smaller number of clientele may not be recommended for elimination.