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This thesis contains a general overview of the glass industry in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, from its beginnings to the present. After discussing the reasons for the establishment of the industry in this part of Western Pennsylvania in the latter part of the nineteenth century, it gives a relatively brief history of each of the companies which were established in Jeannette. It discusses the founding of each company, the construction of its physical plant, the specific products manufactured, the machines and technology of manufacturing, the labor force and working conditions in the plants, and changes in management and ownership personnel and forms. In sum, then, the study contributes to the history of American industry. Sources of information for this work were limited. All but two of the companies covered were family owned and kept no archives which were available to the researcher. Several of the companies are no longer in existence and have left no records whatever of their activities. Hone of the concerns published a house organ of any kind1 Consequently, the author had to place heavy reliance for information on accounts found in local newspapers and in pamphlets and other handouts which the companies which are still in existence provided. These sources were supplemented by state and federal government documents especially concerning working conditions in the glassmaking Industry.