Date of Award

Summer 7-19-1938

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Smith, T. Lynn


The purpose of this study is to show how a public assistance program has developed to meet the needs of a rapidly urbanizing society, and how, in Louisiana, this program has evolved from an incidental, casual, and uncertain activity of local governing units to an integrated, well-organized governmental function.

Legislative provisions for aid to dependent individuals form the base of the study; statistical information concerning the extent of assistance and explanation of the administrative organization of the various public assistance agencies bring out the sociological implications of a public assistance program.

The activities of Louisiana’s unemployment relief agencies of the recent era, the Unemployment relief Commission, the Emergency Belief Administration, and the Federal "Emergency Relief Administration, are considered, for not only are work relief and direct relief interrelated, but these work relief programs were forerunners of the present system of public assistance which functions through the cooperative effort of the nation, state and parish.



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Sociology Commons