Date of Award

Summer 7-10-1973

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


School of Renewable Natural Resources

First Advisor

Newsom, John D.

Second Advisor

Glasgow, Leslie L.

Third Advisor

Palmisano, A. W.


The objective of this study was to determine the home range and habitat preferences of swamp rabbits in the intermediate (between brackish and fresh) marsh of southwestern Louisiana. A total of 12 instrumented rabbits provided data for home range estimates. Four rabbits were fol lowed during the falI, winter and spring. Average home range for males was 10.60 acres and 5.14 acres for females on an area which had a population density of 7.74 rabbits per acre The most preferred habitat components were wiregrass with baccharis Iess than four feet taII IightIy interspersed. Baccharis over four feet tall with moderately in interspersed wireqrass was second, with roseau cane and baccharls over four foot talI lightly interspersed with wire­ grass third. Solid wiregrass stands were the least preferred habitat type Weights of 21 adult males averaged 1831 grams, 27 adult females averaged 1965 grams, 9 immature females averaged 1472 grams and im­mature males averaged 1601 grams. Swamp rabbits were generally crepuscular.



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Life Sciences Commons