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Summer 7-20-1977

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Master of Arts (MA)


School of Music

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McKenzie, Wallace

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Shambaugh, Robert

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Klaus, Kenneth


New Orleans was, in the nineteenth century, a cultural center without equal in the South. As such it supported many businesses closely connected to music. This study is focused upon music publication in New Orleans in the nineteenth century. Included are a history of the major establishments operating throughout the century and a survey of extant music published by these firms. In Chapter I, are included introductory material and a brief survey of the major music publishers of New Orleans. In Chapters II, III, and IV, the activities of three important publishers from the first half of the century are dealt with: Paul Emile Johns, William Mayo, and Benjamin Casey, respectively. In Chapter V, minor publishers active throughout the nineteenth century are surveyed and their contributions to music publishing in New Orleans are summarized. In Chapter VI, the activities of the Wehrmann family as engravers, lithographers, and printers for other establishments are reviewed. Also surveyed is the music composed and published by members of the family. In Chapters VII, VIII, and IX, the large family establishments of the Werleins, Grunewalds, and Blackmars, firms which dominated music publishing in the second half of the century, are dealt with individually. In Chapter X, the activities of Junius Hart, the last major publisher to open an establishment in New Orleans in the nineteenth century, are summarized. In Chapter XI, a summary of the entire study is included, with recommendations for further research in this field.



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