Date of Award

Fall 8-1-1940

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Master of Arts (MA)


School of Education

First Advisor

Miller, W.H.


This thesis presents a study of the Sumrall Special Consolidated School Distriot, taking into consideration: (1) the social, economic, and educational conditions of the district prior to consolidation; (2) growth and changes during the period of consolidation; and (3) the social, economic, and educational conditions of the district after consolidation. Chronologically, the study sets forth the social and industrial evolution of the district, the educational evolution of the district, the conclusions reached, and recommendations for further educational development in the district. The author has produced evidence to show that the establishment of a special consolidated high school at Sumrall, Mississippi, was preferable to the maintenance of small schools in the various communities of the district, and that consolidation at Sumrall has resulted in more adequate supervision of the teaching work; better educational results obtained through better division of the pupil’s time between recitation and study; the teaching of vitalizing special subjects such as music, sanitation, athletics, commercial work, manual training, agriculture, and household arts; the addition to the curriculum of more high school subjects; the increase in education, general culture, and breadth of view from contact with the larger number of pupils met in the larger school; a stable teaching force; better teachers obtained for a larger school paying a substantial salary; and a decrease in operating expense with an accompanying reduction in school taxes throughout the district.



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