Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Earl H. Cheek, Jr.

Second Advisor

Karl A. Roider, Jr


The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of standards on the instruction of world history in three secondary school settings. Contact with the Department of Education of the State of Louisiana found that the implementation of standards had only begun in 1997. After a grace period for implementation, the inaugural testing of the accountability system for these standards occurred in the spring of 2000. Therefore, this study became an exploratory investigation into the use of standards as they impact world history instruction. The first research question was designed to assist the researcher in exploring the influence that the standards exerted on classroom instruction in world history. The second question examined the use of various teaching techniques. The final question addressed how the use of materials and resources, particularly technology, impacted instruction in world history at three secondary school settings. Because of the critical nature of this issue, many prominent educators have taken the time to write articles including Kenneth Jackson of Columbia University and the chair of the Bradley Commission, Diane Ravitch, Assistant Secretary of Education under President Bush, and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., the Pulitzer Prize winning historian and biographer. This study revealed three areas that needed to be addressed, and the first two areas resulted from communication problems. The three points were: (1) Greater teacher input in the process of text selection. (2) Improved teacher involvement in the development and upgrading of technology plans. (3) The need for a set of accurate assessment procedures to determine whether the information being taught in world history correlates with national and state standards.