Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

First Advisor

Elwood F. Holton


The purpose of this research was to develop a biodata instrument that would validly predict individuals with zero or non-zero sales production in real estate sales careers. Correlational and factorial procedures were used to develop keys for the biodata instrument. A logistic regression analysis was performed to measure the ability of the instrument to correctly predict the dichotomous forms of the dependent variables. Follow-up data on sales production was gathered at three and six months after the biodata instrument was administered. Subjects were real estate salespersons enrolled in entrylevel training classes across the country. Dependent variables in this study were Sales Dollars Produced and number of Transaction Sides completed. For each respondent for whom there was sales data, a biodata score was computed from the item correlation coefficients. Correlational analysis of the dependent variables with biodata scores indicated that the dependent variable Sales Dollars Produced collected at the end of six months exhibited the greatest predictive ability (R = .274). Factorial analysis of the data resulted in 59 items from the original biodata instrument within 16 factors. Correlation of the independent variables with the dependent variables failed to yield significant Rs. The Logistic regression of the dichotomous dependent variables with the independent variables found that individuals with non-zero sales production could be correctly predicted 82 percent of the time. The results of this study indicate that correlational analysis of the complete biodata instrument can validly predict Sales Dollars Produced and number of Transaction Sides completed as well as or better than other biodata studies and studies of real estate sales prediction based on alternate predictors. Examination of the results of the factorial analysis indicate that the short form of the biodata instrument can be effective as a screening tool to select the candidates who will have non-zero production. The findings suggest that there is value to the real estate industry from testing newly-licensed job candidates prior to hiring. A valid biodata instrument that is economical and easily administered can conserve financial and emotional resources for all involved in real estate transactions.