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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Robert Grayson


Dr. Dinos Constantinides, a prolific composer of Greek origin whose works are performed throughout the world, is Boyd Professor of Music and Coordinator of Composition Studies at the Louisiana State University School of Music. His music has received many awards, including first prize in the 1981 Brooklyn College International Chamber Opera Competition, the 1985 First Midwest Chamber Opera Conference, and the 1997 Delius Composition Contest. Dr. Dinos Constantinides writes Twentieth-Century contemporary music that is fresh, passionate, and deserves to be heard by a broader public. The purpose of this document is to better acquaint the reader with the composer, Dr. Dinos Constantinides and selected song compositions from the Four Songs on Poems of Sappho, Mutability, the Four Greek Songs, and Reflections VI-The Tyger. Other than modest citations in reference volumes and via the internet, little information is dedicated to his contributions as a composer of song. The author attempts to augment the aforementioned materials with new information that will provide a springboard for others interested in further study of the composer and his music. Chapter One is a brief biographical sketch of the composer's early life, musical training, and development as a composer. Chapter Two examines the poets chosen by Dr. Constantinides for these songs. Chapter Three surveys nine selected vocal songs, which were performed on the author's lecture/recital. The appendices include IPA transcriptions of The Four Greek Songs , and an annotated catalog of Dr. Dinos Constantinides' songs. In all of his compositions for voice, Dr. Dinos Constantinides seeks to paint a musical landscape of the imagery inspired by the text. Through the use of Twentieth-Century compositional techniques, his Greek culture, and his unique sense of style, he has contributed songs which are lyric and communicative, and are of lasting value to the solo song repertoire.