Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Computer Science

First Advisor

S. S. Iyengar


Internet Multicasting has emerged in the last few years as the inevitable method for efficiently delivering replicated data to multiple recipients in large scale internets. More specifically, Reliable Multicast Transport Protocols have been the subject of intensive research in recent years. The goal of such research was mainly to develop reliable and scalable protocols to efficiently and reliably deliver data to receivers, and at the same time reduce congestion on the network. In this research, we propose a new generic family of protocols, called the K family of protocols, that focus on congestion control by reducing the processing requirements on receivers to O (1), while being able to tune the processing requirements on the sender to the sender's processing capability. The concept of Local Recovery is then applied to the K protocol family, achieving even further improvement in processing requirements, especially at the sender. In all cases, processing requirements at the sender and at the receivers are analytically studied. We also introduce a new concept that attempts to detect packet loss and repair it before control packets cause implosions at the sender or at the receivers. Finally, some numerical results are presented to show the relative reduction in processing requirements in comparison with other prominent generic classes of protocols.