Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Human Resource Education and Workforce Development

First Advisor

Geraldine H. Holmes


The primary purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of members of boards of directors for state associations serving CBDOs regarding policy and governance, procedures and how they are achieving organizational goals and objectives. The target population for the study was defined as members of boards of directors of state associations serving CBDOs. The instrument used in this study was a researcher designed questionnaire. It was comprised of two sections---demographics and perceptions of the roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments of the organization. As the literature review established, boards of directors play an important role in the life of associations and it is important that they function effectively. Establishing effective policies and governance will make associations more effective and efficient with their resources, planning and day to day activities. Data were collected by mailed questionnaire. After four mailings and a telephone contact, the researcher received a 48% useable response rate. Findings of the study revealed that members of boards of directors of state associations serving community-based development organizations have positive perceptions toward policy, governance, and administrative procedures. A model was identified using multiple regression analysis which explained 45.9% of the variance in the extent to which members of boards of directors of state associations serving CBDOs perceive that their organization adheres to the procedures and guidelines for effective Boards as established by the National Center for Non-Profit Boards. Four variables, setting goals and objectives, affecting policy of the legislature/assembly, providing management leadership training, and position within the field of community economic development were identified in the model. The researcher recommends that more attention be focused on strategic planning and training and development for members of boards of directors for state associations. Additional exploratory research of effective use of policy and governance might benefit both community based development organizations as well as those engaged in the field of community economic development.