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Robert Grayson


Joaquin Nin was a leading figure in the renaissance of Spanish music in the early part of the twentieth century. A virtuoso concert pianist, he championed the music of little-known 17th and 18 th century Spanish composers, performing their works alongside Bach, Couperin, and Liszt. Nin's editions of "ancient" Spanish music and his arrangements of popular songs and dances brought a body of virtually unknown repertoire---the exotic music of the Iberian Peninsula---to a broader public. The purpose of this paper is to better acquaint the reader with Joaquin Nin and his first compositions, Veinte Cantos Populares Espanoles . Although Nin is cited in several reference volumes, there has been very little research dedicated solely to his contributions. The author attempts to piece together the disparate information available, thereby providing a springboard for others interested in further study. Chapter One is a brief biographical sketch of Nin based largely on his own writings and on facts gathered from his son, Joaquin Nin-Culmell. Chapter Two surveys his solo vocal music, discusses the Veinte Cantos Populares Espanoles , and considers eight representative songs from that collection performed on the lecture/recital. The appendix includes EPA transcriptions of Veinte Cantos Populares Espanoles and a listing of the songs included in Nin's vocal collections. In the Veinte Cantos Populares Espanoles, Nin crafted accompaniments that not only complement the melodies, but also allow the spirit of the folksong to radiate. Cultivating his individual expression by utilizing elements from both the Hispanic and impressionistic idioms while drawing from his innate sense of style and artistry and his extensive training as a pianist, Nin contributed artsongs of lasting value to the Spanish repertoire. It is the hope of the author that this short document and lecture/recital will encourage others to pursue the study of these and other songs by Joaquin Nin and enable the song connoisseur to appreciate his unique role in the history of Spanish song.