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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Katherine Kemler


From 1933 until 1979 Everett Timm influenced generations of flutists through his work as woodwind professor at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa, and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Later, as Dean of the LSU School of Music, Timm achieved national stature through his leadership in such organizations as the National Association of Schools of Music. Trained at Morningside, Juilliard and Eastman, Timm studied with three prominent flute teachers of his day: Arthur Lora, Georges Barrere, and Joseph Mariano. He performed in the Sioux City Symphony, the Monohan Post Band, the Orpheum Theater pit orchestra, the KSCJ radio orchestra, the Baton Rouge Symphony, and the New Orleans Symphony. Timm founded a faculty woodwind quintet at LSU in 1955 that is now permanently named the Timm Woodwind Quintet. As an educator, Timm has had experience as a high school band director, a college band director, an orchestral conductor, and a studio teacher. He taught woodwinds, brass, strings, and courses in woodwind pedagogy, conducting, and orchestration. His book, The Woodwinds: Performance and Instructional Techniques, was first published in 1964. His twenty-four year tenure as Dean brought the LSU School of Music national prominence. This monograph is a report of Timm's work as a flute teacher and administrator. It is designed as a resource for flutists, but will benefit all educators in music. Chapters on Timm's pedagogy cover embouchure, tone, tone colors, technique, articulation, vibrato, intonation, breathing, phrasing, artistry, and practicing. Two chapters deal with Timm's approach to the psychology of teaching and administrating. Others cover biographical data, a study of his teachers, and a summary of his legacy. Information was collected through interviews with Timm, questionnaires sent to former students, interviews with former colleagues, study of the histories of LSU and Morningside, and study of Timm's publications. Everett Timm is known for his superior musicianship, his effectiveness as an administrator, and his down-to-earth approach to teaching flute. This is the first written record of his work.