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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Ramu M. Rao

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Marlene Windhauser


Freshly milled raw rice bran was stabilized with microwave heat for 3 min. Half of raw and treated bran were packed in Ziplock(c) bags and the other half vacuum packed. Half of the samples were stored at 4--5°C and the other half at 25°C for 16 weeks. The free fatty acid (FFA) content increased rapidly in raw rice bran samples vacuum packed and samples packed in Ziplock(c) bags store at 25°C from an initial amount of 2.5% to 54.3% and 48.1%, respectively. FFA level increased significantly in raw samples vacuum packed and packed in Ziplock (c) bags stored 4--5°C from an initial amount of 2.5% to 25.4% and 19.5%, respectively. Microwave heat stabilized samples stored at 25°C had a significant increase in FFA level from an initial amount of 2.8% to 11.6% and 10.9% respectively, for vacuum packed and samples stored in the Ziplock(c) bags. FFA in microwave heat stabilized samples stored 4--5°C did not increase during 16 weeks of storage. Rice bran lipoxygenase had optimum pH of 8.5 and optimum temperature of 25--30°C. Michaelis constant and maximum velocity were 0.097 mM and 0.847 dA/min, respectively. Lipoxygenase activity in microwave heat stabilized samples in Ziplock (c) bags or under vacuum and stored at 25°C showed a significant increase from an initial amount of 0.18 dA/min to 0.54 and 0.26 dA/min, respectively. Lipoxygenase activity for microwave heat stabilized samples packed in both packing methods did not change significantly from the initial amount of 0.18 dA/min to 0.15 dA/min and 0.14 dA/min when stored at 4--5°C at 12 weeks. A significant decrease to 0.08 dA/min and 0.07 dA/min was observed at week 16. Fatty acid composition, especially linoleic acid, did not show any significant changes for the microwave heat stabilized samples stored at 4--5°C. Proximate composition did not change except for moisture content which decreased significantly from an initial amount of 8.4% to 6.3%. No advantage was found to vacuum packing the samples. The combination of 4--5°C storage temperature and Ziplock(c) bags provided the best shelf-life for microwave heat stabilized rice bran during 16 weeks of storage, under the conditions employed in this study.