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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Jan Herlinger


Johannes de Garlandia (fl. 1250, Paris), author of the seminal De mensurabili musica, has been linked to two plainchant treatises, De plana musica and Introductio musice. This dissertation presents the first critical edition and translation, with commentary, of these two treatises. It includes an introduction, Latin texts of the two treatises with English translations in parallel columns, critical apparatus, commentary, and appendices. De plana musica is transmitted in three sources, Introductio musice in four. The text of Introductio musice established here is shorter than that printed by Coussemaker (CS, 1:157-75), who included in the final portion of his text several independent short treatises. Also considered here as separate treatises are five other texts, hitherto described as sources for Introductio musice; one of these is an abridgement of Introductio musice, and the other four are peripheral treatises that share material with it. To the latter group is introduced one more treatise, Florence, Conventi Soppressi 388, fols. 56r-60v, described and presented here for the first time. All these texts are included in appendices; another appendix provides a critical edition of the Ars contrapunctus secundum Philippum de vitriaco, a treatise that parallels portions of Introductio musice. Paleographical evidence is used to date and determine the provenance of the pertinent manuscripts, one of which, Rio de Janeiro, Cofre 50.18, is described in detail here for the first time. The dissertation also addresses issues of authorship and dating of De plana musica and Introductio musice, their content, and their relationship with each other and with other medieval treatises. It concludes that although De plana musica may well have been written by the author of De mensurabili musica, the same author could not have written Introductio musice.