Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program)

First Advisor

Richard L. Bengtson

Second Advisor

Fereydon Aghazadeh


The safety conditions of the agriscience laboratories of the high schools of the State of Louisiana have not been studied extensively. This study was undertaken to develop a methodology to assess these conditions. The Southeastern region of the state was selected as the research area. Forty four high schools in this area have agriscience laboratories. Forty one of these laboratories were assessed. A Hypothesized Survey Model was made up from the background information searched. This model was validated at another school region and used to design a Research Survey Model. This RSM was face and field validated. Safety ratings were obtained at the individual schools for the items assessed. General ratings for the school laboratory system were also obtained. The items assessed were evaluated for safety importance by six campus safety experts. A factor to accrue for this evaluation was calculated and applied to the ratings of all items assessed in order to obtain balanced numerical values. This values represent both the condition and importance of the items assessed. Most common safety problems were identified, and recommendations were made to improve laboratory safety conditions. The proposed methodology to assess safety conditions was tested and recommended for other environments in the work place. The instrument used being field validated was also improved thereafter. As a result of this research, the improved instrument has been strongly recommended for future assessments on the agriscience laboratories.