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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Mark Ostoich


This monograph presents a study of the interpretation of Carl Maria von Weber's Concerto No. 1 in F minor, Op. 73 for clarinet and orchestra. Twelve published editions are examined and compared with the two extant manuscript copies from the Library of Congress and the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek. Because of Weber's apparent haste or carelessness in committing music to paper, and because of certain traditions in performance, a number of attempts have been made to edit this concerto. Given the large number of editions available to the clarinetist and the varied interpretations they present, it would be difficult to determine the most accurate interpretation of Weber's Concerto No. 1 without thorough study. The presentation of an accurate, authoritative edition must take into account historical perspective, performance practice, harmonic and formal considerations. This study has attempted to (1) compare all available material; (2) evaluate the various editions; (3) clarify these differences; and (4) determine the degree to which they are faithful to Weber's autograph. Since it is common practice to reduce the orchestral score for piano, the clarinet part is used in these comparisons and the orchestral parts of the manuscripts and piano scores are used to substantiate statements concerning form, harmonic analysis, and interpretation. The published editions fall into three categories of editorial style. The first group consists of a single edition which most closely follows the content of the manuscripts. The second group of editions reflect the performance tradition of Heinrich and Carl Baermann and the changes found in the Robert Lienau edition. The third category consists of editions which employ substantially more editorial license, some of which reflects the content of the manuscripts and/or Baermann's performance tradition.