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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

First Advisor

Charles M. Parks


American companies engaged in manufacturing are in the midst of adjusting to the increasingly stiff foreign competition as they attempt to satisfy the demands of expanding markets. U.S. manufacturing must continue the movement toward leaner, more streamlined production if they are to survive with the new market realities. Computerizing different aspects in the accounting, production, planning, and marketing divisions, has been central in the quest for higher productivity for four decades. Research is now centering on the integration of these systems and the goal is to integrate the accounting, planning and marketing functions of the organization with the automated manufacturing systems. The problem is the lack of a workable unifying conceptual model under which system integration can occur. Our research has designed a system model that provides the advantages of integration without a major reorganization of subsystem software. The major results of our model design furnish evidence that a system can provide the essential elements for the sharing of subsystem information.