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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Loretta Diane Miller


The purpose of this study was twofold. First, to survey the existing needs of mathematics inservice education for primary school teachers in Thailand. Second, to develop a model for a systematic inservice mathematics education program for primary school teachers in Thailand. The procedure used in gathering data for this study included the review of literature on inservice mathematics education and other related theories, documentary analysis, questionnaire, governmental publications and documents, official correspondence, and input from a Thai Committee of Experts in elementary and mathematics education. The culmination of these data gave direction for the development of a systematic inservice model for Thai primary school teachers. A three-year model for inservice training of Thai primary school teachers was developed. Major components of the model include: (1) Objectives for the general program; (2) suggested learning experiences; (3) suggested mathematics topics; (4) a suggested method of delivery; (5) an organizational scheme; and (6) a plan for evaluation. The findings of this study suggest that an inservice program possess the following characteristics: (1) It should be a long sustaining process--at least an academic year long; (2) primary teachers should be trained not only in the content area but also in related area of child development and others such as teaching techniques and an effective utilization of instructional time; (3) the training procedure should emphasize the activity approach to learning mathematics and how to relate mathematics to everyday practice; and (4) the organization of the program should involve needed decision, careful planning, and a continuous evaluation procedure.