Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Plant, Enviromental and Soil Sciences

First Advisor

James F. Fontenot


The leaves and the flowers of Capsicum annuum L. and Capsicum chinense Jacq. were morphologically and genetically studied. C. annuum sets one flower at each node; C. chinense sets multiple (two or three) flowers at each node. 'Serrano Chili' (C. annuum L.) has an unique pubescent leaf type. The study on the interspecific hybridization between 'Serrano Chili' and No. 178 (C. chinense Jacq.) showed a F2 segregation ratio 45:9:10 (multiple flowers: intermediate flowering type: single flower) for the inheritance of multiple flowers. The interspecific hybridization, together with the intraspecific hybridization of 'Serrano Chili' crossed with 'Keystone Resistant Giant No. 4', 'Cayenne Large Red', and 'LSU Sport', showed a consistent F2 segregation ratio of 13:3 (pubescent leaf: glabrous leaf) for the inheritance of leaf pubescence. The epidermis of leaves and floral organs of 'Serrano Chili' and No. 178 were studied with the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Elongated hairs were present in the costal and intercostal regions of both leaf surfaces of 'Serrano Chili', but only in the costal region of No. 178 leaf surfaces. The study on floral organs indicated a similar epidermal morphology between 'Serrano Chili' and No. 178. Elongated hairs and stomata were present on the abaxial surface while short glandular hairs densely covered the adaxial surface of a sepal. Hairs were produced at the tip and along the margins of the petal; stomata were found on the abaxial surface of the petal and associated with the "tip-hair-zone". No hair was found on stamens or carpels. Stomata were found on the abaxial surface of the anther lobe and restricted to the area near the connective tissue. On the adaxial surface of the filament base and the abaxial surface of the ovary base, stomata were also found; stomata found in these regions were considered to be related to nectar secretion in pepper flowers.