Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



First Advisor

Dinos Constantinides


This dissertation is in two parts. The first part is a monograph which presents a history of the first fully professional orchestra in Miami. The Florida Philharmonic was founded in 1965 and ceased operations in 1982. Appendices provide lists of the programs which the orchestra performed. The second part is an original composition entitled Symphony No. 2. The symphony is scored for piccolo, two flutes, two oboes, English Horn, two clarinets (in B-flat), two bassoons, contrabassoon, four horns (in F), trumpet (in B-flat), three trombones, tuba, timpani, two vibraphones, gong, suspended cymbal, sizzle cymbal, marimba, wind chimes, orchestra bells, finger cymbals, triangle, snare drum, crash cymbals, xylophone, bass drum, celesta, piano, and strings. The symphony has four movements which combine contemporary compositional techniques with traditional forms. The first movement is in sonata form with an introduction. The second movement (a scherzo) is a rondo. The form of the third movement is A B A. The fourth movement is a two-part form. While the second part uses material from the first part in retrograde, it also contains a restatement of the introduction leading to a codetta.