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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Cornelia Yarbrough


The purpose of this study was to develop a competency-based approach to teaching a college-level horn techniques course in a homogeneous setting. Five students were taught horn techniques using the College Horn Techniques text written for the course. Students demonstrated the achievement of competency levels in three categories: cognitive, psychomotor, and pedagogical. Competencies were defined and explained in the text. Data were scores of four cognitive module quizzes, one cognitive final exam, a psychomotor performance exam, and two observation forms--Performance Evaluation Form and Pedagogical Evaluation Form. Additionally, an evaluation of the College Horn Techniques text was completed by each student. Results indicated that the text written for the course was an effective method for teaching horn techniques to instrumental music education majors. Moreover, results showed that the competency based approach was an effective method of teaching horn techniques. Students were able to change their teaching skills efficiently by observing themselves via videotape and by taking data through systematic observation. Data also indicated that intermediate horn pupils were able to correct rhythmic errors more easily than errors in pitch.