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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Over the years, researchers have devoted significant efforts towards conceptualizing and empirically investigating all facets of the work process. In order to better understand this issue at the retail level, a major question was addressed, that is, what are the aspects relating to performance of retail salespeople. Previous approaches to explain the performance behavior of salespeople have primarily been centered in the industrial sales area. The development and testing of empirical research designs directed toward retail salespeople remained a neglected topic in the marketing literature. The primary goal of this research was to derive a framework for the explanation of performance and related behaviors as they apply to retail salespeople. The developed framework characterizes the performance behavior of retail salespeople as being a function of their own nature, relations with other individuals, as well as aspects of their work environment. The framework was tested and refined in a field setting comprised of 472 retail sales employees across the southeast United States. Results of the study supported eight major determinants of job performance behavior. Additionally, the results provided a structure foundation as to what constitutes work, work behavior, and job performance dimensions at the retail level.