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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The concepts of alpha, beta, and gamma change (Golembiewski, Billingsley, & Yeager, 1976) were used to assess the effects of rater error training (RET) and frame of reference training (FOR) on performance evaluations. Two studies were conducted using students as raters; Study 1 was a laboratory study in which raters evaluated managerial performance in the form of the Borman (1979) videotapes. Study 2 provided a field replication of the methodology with students rating actual instructor effectiveness. In both investigations RET and FOR were found to create significant concept redefinition (gamma change). In addition, the different procedures for assessing alpha, beta, and gamma change which have appeared in the literature were compared. In general, the use of more recent techniques involving multivariate procedures (e.g., Schmitt et al., 1984) were supported. Also of interest was the finding that the assumed dimensionality of the Borman videotape stimuli was not confirmed. Results are discussed in terms of their impact on future investigations in both applied and theoretical arenas.