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Doctor of Education (EdD)


This study was conducted in two Integrated Rural Development Districts in Colombia; South Tolima and Fusagasuga. Its specific objectives were: (1) To determine the extent to which: (a) the factors included in the agricultural production component of the DRI program (research, extension, credit, marketing), in addition to farmland and climate were limiting crop productivity; (b) the DRI program was effectively transferring crop technology; (c) farmers adopted recommended crop technology; (2) To determine: (a) some of the reasons that limited adoption of agricultural technology; (b) changes in crop production; (c) some relevant characteristics of the DRI credit and marketing programs; (d) farmers' satisfaction related to the DRI technical assistance, credit, and marketing programs; (e) the extent of association between the dependent variables, adoption of technology and crop production, and the independent variables effectiveness in transferring technology, difficulty in obtaining credit, difficulty in marketing crop production, as well as between crop production and adoption of technology. Sixty cooperating farmers were selected at random from each district for a total sample of 120 respondents. Data were collected through an interview schedule, and statistically analyzed. The major conclusions were as follows: (1) Some progress in agricultural production were evident in both districts as supported by some improvements in crop production. Nevertheless, agricultural development has been taking place slowly and it is not yet at the desired level. (2) Appropriate conditions of research, extension, credit, marketing, farmland, and climate were not present in the most appropriate mix in order to maximize productivity and accelerate development. These factors affected productivity and development to a different extent in each district. Inappropriate marketing conditions were perceived by the farmers as the principal constraint to crop productivity, while credit was perceived as the least limiting factor. (3) In order to further accelerate agricultural development, greater emphasis is needed on generating appropriate crop technologies, adapted to local farming conditions, on proper and effective technology transfer to the farmers. Stable and effective local organizations are necessary for these conditions to exist, particularly to support marketing activities. Risk and uncertainty to the farmer must be reduced as much as possible so that change can be facilitated.