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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The purpose of this study was to determine what activities vocational agriculture teachers in the United States believed should be a part of their summer programs and what they actually did during the summer of 1983. Three instruments were used to collect data for this study: a two-page questionnaire to state supervisors of agricultural education to determine what statewide activities were scheduled for teacher participation, a three-page questionnaire to 227 vocational agriculture teachers to gather program and teacher information and to determine what the teachers believed should be accomplished during their summer program, and a one-page bi-weekly summary to be used by the teachers to report the time they actually spent on activities during the summer of 1983. Analyses were conducted to determine: the mean percentage of time that teachers believed should be allotted to 38 summer activities, the mean percentage of time actually allotted to these activities during the summer, if any significant differences occurred between the two means by activity and if any significant relationships existed between selected program/teacher variables and selected activities. Results revealed 20 significant differences between what should be and what was actually accomplished on summer activities. Five significant relationships existed but none of these were practically significant.