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Instrumental music education methods courses are considered essential in the training of future school band and orchestra directors. The National Association of Schools of Music, state departments of education, and colleges and university catalogs specify at least one such course be included in the undergraduate curriculum of prospective instrumental music teachers. A review of the literature pertinent to instrumental music education methods classes indicated the curricular content of these courses had not been investigated previously. Several sources implied such a study would be helpful in determining and eliminating current inadequacies of instrumental music education methods classes and in making future courses more relevant to the student. The Instrumental Music Education Methods Class Questionnaire (IMEMCQ) was developed to reflect topics discussed during the review of related literature and considered pertinent to the curricular content of instrumental music education methods courses. The objective of the research document was to discover what topics were being taught in instrumental music education methods courses and the evaluation rating of each topic. The questionnaire was sent to 208 colleges and universities located in the North Central, Southern, and Southwestern divisions of the Music Educators National Conference. Each institution was accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, the National Association of Schools of Music, and the appropriate regional accreditation association. One hundred thirty-four (64.4%) usable questionnaires were returned. This study was an initial step in examining and evaluating instrumental music education methods courses. Further examination of these courses is strongly recommended.