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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




The River Region Personal Growth Program is a preventive mental health organization. Through education, River Region attempts to assist individuals in crisis, to build competency to avoid future crises, increase personal growth, and to channel persons who are in need into other formal mental health care. This study proposed to investigate the impact River Region has upon its participants compared to waiting list controls. Individuals' utilization of formal mental health services following participation was charted, as well as their absence from work. In addition, the Profile of Mood States and four scales from the Vocational Preference Inventory were administered to determine the effects of the workshops upon the participants' mental and social adjustments. The results suggest that participation in River Region workshops has an immediate beneficial effect upon confusion, fatigue, vigor, and especially depression, as well as upon tension and work absence six months following participation. However, at one-year following participation, persons on a waiting list for participation have matched the gains of the participants, suggesting that workshop participation speeds up crisis resolution, rather than providing more permanent therapeutic gains.