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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Human Resource Education and Workforce Development

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Satish Verma


The primary purpose of this study was to determine the contributions Louisiana 4-H teens and Non 4-H teens make to volunteer organizations and the principal factors influencing the decision of Louisiana teens to volunteer. A random sample of 2,281 teens, ages 14--19 years (9th--12th graders), enrolled in Louisiana public secondary schools of education were the participants of this study. The data collection instrument was pre-tested for reliability and yielded a .95 Cronbach's Alpha internal consistency coefficient for 32 scale items. A total of 3,853 surveys were mailed or hand delivered in October and 2,281 usable responses returned for a response rate of 59%. Data were collected from late October--December 2000. The findings of this study profiled the greatest percentage of Louisiana 4-H teens as a white female enrolled in the 9th grade in the 14--15 years age range. The greatest percentage of Non 4-H teens was a white female enrolled in the 10th grade in the 16--17 years age range. Louisiana 4-H teens volunteer in greater numbers in selected organizations and for a greater number of organizations than do Non 4-H teens. Major areas in which both volunteer are informal volunteering, youth development, religious organizations, and education. Although, for both groups, significant relationships between underlying reasons for volunteering and the nature and level of volunteering exist, Louisiana 4-H teens are more influenced to volunteer for both personal and altruistic reasons than Louisiana Non 4-H teens.