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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


In 1939, the American Council on Education administered the first National Teacher Examination to senior level students. The National Teacher Examination consisted of two parts: a Common Examination and a Teaching Area Examination. In 1950, responsibility for the NTE testing was transferred to the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey. The Literature and Fine Arts subdivision on the Core Battery test of the NTR has assumed a greater importance than the same area on the old Common Examination. The study was to determine if there was a significant difference in the Fine Arts scores on the National Teacher Examination of subjects utilizing a media software program in the Fine Arts scores of subjects not utilizing the program. All subjects had attended Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. The experimental group comprised of twenty-two subjects was shown one hundred of the most frequently reproduced paintings prior to the Core Battery in November 1982. The control group comprised of seventy-three subjects did not receive this treatment. Results of the seventeen Fine Arts items were provided by ETS. A paired t-test was used to test for significance at 0.05 level. An analysis of the data revealed that the sample evidence leads to the acceptance that the data were not statistically significant. There was no difference in the ability of examinees to identify Fine Arts-Visual Stimuli items on the Core Battery.