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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The free carrier Faraday effect is considered in both the Drude model and the Appel-Overhauser model for inversion layer electrons at the SiO(,2)-Si interface. An exact algebraic relation between the photon, cyclotron, collision and plasma frequencies is obtained which must be satisfied in order to achieve null rotation and null ellipticity for a single pass of the electromagnetic wave in the Drude model. Plots of the rotation versus angular photon frequency in the Appel-Overhauser model for various values of the electron-electron (e-e) scattering time (tau)(,e) are presented. These plots show that Faraday rotation measurements are a possible way of determining the strength of the e-e interaction as measured by (tau)(,e). The multiple pass Faraday rotation and ellipticity are shown to have a unique decomposition into components arising from the single pass effect, transmission effects at each boundary, and multiple reflection effects. Plots of the multiple pass rotation for various values of (tau)(,e) are also given. Finally, using null Faraday rotation we propose a method by which the various contributions to the multiple pass rotation may be measured.