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Doctor of Education (EdD)


The development of a rating scale suitable for assessing teaching competencies of health occupations educators in the State of Louisiana was accomplished by: the development and validation of a questionnaire composed of 155 competency statements within ten components--(planning, teaching, evaluation, management, guidance and placement, school-community relations, student-vocational organization, professional role, coordination of cooperative education and health care environment)--relating to health occupations education programs; ascertaining the level of importance as perceived by incumbent teachers and supervisors of public, secondary and post-secondary health occupations education programs in Louisiana, who were employed during the months of March through May, 1981; ranking these competency statements within components as well as regardless of components by averaging the numerical value written on the 196 completed questionnaires by the respondents from highest (6) to lowest (1). The descriptive study contains a list of competencies believed to be needed for effective health occupations education and holds implications for health occupations teacher education in Louisiana. The rating scale, through the addition of appropriate columns, can be used as a pre-service inventory for new health occupations teachers, a self-evaluation and professional improvement planning instrument for veteran teachers and an objective evaluation device for supervisors. Summary. Ninety-eight percent of the surveyed population (n=201) of health occupations educators in Louisiana agreed that the 155 competencies on the questionnaire were of importance to the success of instruction in health occupations programs in Louisiana. All had mean scores of 3.5 or higher and 74 percent of the competencies (n=94) had means of 5.0 or above. Respondents rated competencies related to health care environment and coordination of cooperative education the highest with no competency receiving a mean score of less than 5.0. None of the eight student-vocational organization (H.O.S.A.) compentency statements rated above 4.2. Conclusions. The response rate indicated a high level of interest in instructional competencies from health occupations educators in Louisiana. There were no obvious differences of opinion concerning the degree of importance for competencies of health occupations programs as described in this study by health occupations instructors or their supervisors in Louisiana.