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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The "Algebraic Variational" method in Atomic physics is applied for the first time to the scattering (both elastic and inelastic) of electrons by highly stripped (hydrogenic) atomic ions. The overall behavior of the excitation 1s (--->) 2s and 1s (--->) 2p cross section is investigated using a 6 state expansion (1s-2s-2p one and two p pseudo-states) of the target wave function. The close coupling calculation is carried out up to a total angular momentum L(,MAX), (L(,MAX) (LESSTHEQ) 5) and for energies ranging from just above the n = 2 threshold to 5 times threshold; otherwise the Coulomb Born approximation with exchange is used. The computed collision strengths are then fit by an analytic formula. Finally, using a large pseudostate set, resonances between the n = 2 and n = 3 thresholds are investigated and accurately traced. Resonance enhancement of excitation rates is discussed. Results are reported for electron scattering by C('5+) and O('7+). Comparison is made to other theoretical calculations.