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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Pure component and mixtures of pentane and hexane were hydroisomerized on Pd-H-mordenite and Pd-H-faujasite at 465(DEGREES)F, 100 to 300 psig, 6.2 to 6.6 w/hr/w, and 10/1 to 18/1 H(,2)/hydrocarbon mole ratio. The activity of both these catalysts was comparable to other developmental catalysts reported in the literature. Results showed that on the mordenite catalyst, the first order rate constant for n-C(,5) decreased on dilution with n-C(,6) while the n-C(,6) rate constant increased on dilution with n-C(,5). On the faujasite catalyst, the rate constant for both n-C(,5) and n-C(,6) decreased from the pure component values on dilution. Models were proposed for the rate constants as functions of adsorption parameters and the partial pressures of the reactants and of hydrogen. These models were based on a Langmuir-Hinshelwood adsorption function. Statistical analysis of the various models indicated that on Pd-H-mordenite, n-C(,6) is preferentially adsorbed. On Pd-H-faujasite, the analysis showed that neither n-C(,5) nor n-C(,6) predominates in adsorption and that the adsorption parameters for both reactants must be included in the model. The hydrogen adsorption parameter was negligible compared to both the pentane and hexane adsorption parameters on both catalysts.