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Master of Mass Communication (MMC)


Mass Communication

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Ronald Garay

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Robin Roberts


"Feminist Issues in Scarecrow and Mrs. King and in Lois and Clark" looks at television portrayals of female leads in the female-male investigative team. The two series, which aired ten years apart, were chosen for their escapist and fantasy qualities. One hypothesis of this research was that the latter show, Lois and Clark, would exhibit more feminist tendencies. Episodes from each series were examined for events and dialogue significant to the presentation of the female lead. These events and dialogue were arranged into four categories: female-female relationships, female-male relationships, romantic involvements, and professional relationships. An encompassing element was also addressed in each category: the feminine experience and knowledge. The research finds that relationships play a significant role in the development of Amanda King and Lois Lane. The feminine experience and knowledge that Amanda has and Lois lacks is a catalyst for these relationships. Amanda's feminine experience allows her to develop healthy relationships and progress from a submissive housewife figure to an independent career woman. Lois' lack of feminine experience results in the opposite: she is unable to form healthy relationships and becomes dependent on her male partner, Clark, for emotional and professional support. In other words, she regresses from an independent career woman to a submissive housewife figure.